Thursday, April 28, 2011

Karter- 3 months

Karter is 3 months and a week old today.  My mom watched him on his 3 month birthday and I forgot to take his giraffe comparison photos so here they are! :)  He is just maturing so much....constantly babbling, rolled over twice for grandma (I have yet to see it), constantly eating his hands and bringing them together, grabs at toys, sleeps better....(only waking up like once or twice a night), smiles all the time. 
His Cleft Surgery date is set for June 17th.  I am honestly going to miss his clefty is so cute and the boy I have fallen in love with.  Enjoy the pictures of him with Kaden's Giraffe and with Kaden via picture.  I don't know why it had not accured to me to take their picture together until now but there ya have it- my two adorable boys! :)