Friday, January 24, 2014

January fun!

The boys love to take a bath.  If Keaton is ever too quiet it is because he has crawled in my room and pulls himself up to the bath....he has actually tried crawling in and dropped in.

Keaton @ 9 months

Karter almost 3 years old

January 21st 2014 Karter wanted a Toy Story themed birthday party. We invited his friends from church along with Rhet and Tanner. Only 2 were able to come but they still had a good time!

Karter with Mom and Dad

Karter swinging at the piƱata

Rhet, Tanner, Bentley

Keaton on Karter's birthday

After his birthday party with his little friends we went to lunch and came back to make dessert for the family to come and celebrate with him.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Our little family!

We sure love our spunky, goofy, happy, social little 3 year old!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

November and December 2013

Holy Smokes! We made it through the two busiest months I think we have had yet in our marriage.  Rusty is in school, works at DeVillbis Healthcare, is the Executive Secretary and I made a very large amount of Cinnamon Rolls by order from my facebook group page and previous customers. 
I have wanted to update how are family has been because so much changes with our cute boys day to day.  We had a really nice holiday spent together with family.  We have so much family in town we don't even get to see everyone during the holidays. 
This Christmas Karter was really starting to get into the whole Santa Clause business.  He was so excited about getting a bike for Christmas.  He said he wanted to tell Santa what he wanted.  Thinking he would be past the stage of screaming on Santa's lap (we didn't take him to see Santa last year).  This picture is of the boys waiting in line to see Santa.  I took them by myself the day before Christmas Eve.  I sat in line for almost 2 hours.  I am not sure how we did it.  The closer we got to Santa Karter started loosing interest in seeing Santa.  I was not going to let that time waiting in line go to waste.  We did it! We sat on Santa's lap....or should I say they sat on Santa's lap.  Karter screamed and Keaton looked up at him with a bit of wonder and turned to look at the camera.  Priceless! Worth the wait...I think?  :)
Christmas Eve we always spend with the Fife Family.  It is the one time we are all able to make our schedules available to be together. We actually got a family picture! This picture below is of us and Rusty's parents.
I always forget to take more pictures of Christmas morning with my family and the kids.  We didn't wake up Keaton to open presents with Karter b/c he is still so little he doesn't get it. We opened presents at our house and then went to my parents to open presents from siblings and my mom and dad. It is one morning we all get together.  Last year we added another in-law (my brother Craig married Murphy)  and so our family is growing! It's pretty awesome.

Keaton at 9 months-
plays with Karter like he is a big boy
gets beat up on by Karter
still plays with Karter ;)
Crawls on his hands and knees when he has no clothes on (doesn't like his tummy on the floor)
Army Crawls
eats three meals and 3 bottles
sucks his thumb while holding onto a blanket or my clothes
pulls himself up on everything
laughs, smiles and baby talks
says mama and sometimes dada
tiny head and skinny long body
looks like an Addington
loves his mom dad and brother

turns 3 January 21st
is having a Toy Story birthday party
loves his little brother
loves his friends from church and Tanner, and Rhet
is all boy
favorite toys: legos, tools, and cars
loves helping work outside or with tools
likes to sneak out of bed in the night to come in our bed and snuggle
potty trained!! :)
loves being independent
enjoys play group
Here is to a fun and safe filled year in 2014!!