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Life as a Fife
I am Jacquie Fife and was born right here in the heat of Mesa, Arizona.  I am the oldest girl of 5 kids. I feel lucky to call my two brothers and two sisters my siblings.
We love, fight and love each other.

Loves: husband. our boys. being Mormon. food. crossfit. sweets. photography. organization. snuggles with my boys. time to myself. pedicures. going out to dinner. dating my hubby. learning new things. being inspired by others. baking. standing for something. simple life. being a stay at home mom. Jacquie's Cinnamon Rolls. friends. cheat day. family. parties. clothes. fashion. shopping {by myself}. Laughing. playing games. the beach. winter time. a good read.

Reading right now: The Book of Mormon and
A Home United: Teaching Self Government
Shortly, after I graduated high school I meet this handsome fella I call my husband. He really is the best. 

 July 12th 2007- The day we were married in the
Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple.
We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
You can learn more about our religion {Here} 
Fast forward to 2009. We had our first son Kaden.  He was born prematurely and you can read more about him under the tab Kaden. 

This is Karter. He was born via C-section (in January 2011) due to his large size.  How ironic right?  I have a 1 pound 14 ounce baby and then happen to just have an 8 pound 11 ounce baby. The irony.
Karter was born with a cleft lip just like his big brother Kaden.
This picture was taken just 2 weeks after having Keaton.  He was born in April 2013.
Like I have said our lives can be crazy but also really fun! Thanks for stopping by our little corner of cyberspace. Together we are living {Life as a Fife}. I hope you can take something from what I share.

All our boys...

 Karter- 3 years old (Feb. 2014)

Keaton- 10 months (Feb. 2014)