Tuesday, June 4, 2013

As of Lately....

So here is a little sneak peek of what we have been up to lately:

Karter is absolutely 100 percent in LOVE with Keaton and wants to touch, kiss, hold, and pick him up 24/7.  Keaton is never left alone with Karter after 2 incidents of Karter picking him up and dropping him.  One of those incidents happened when I was in the same room with both of them.  I was not right next to Keaton but it all happened so fast.  Nonetheless, Karter is no longer trusted alone with Keaton.  It has made it a bit stressful and hectic for me but we are surviving.  I take a shower so long as Karter is still sleeping or Rusty is home.  So if you see me and I stink I am sorry! :)

Karter started swim lessons a week ago and they are every day for 10 min.  He has made a lot of progress very quickly!! :) He now will swim to the "top step" and it cracks me up...he asks for the "top step" saying "I want top step."  He is seriously talking up a storm and tells me what he wants when he wants it.  He is a little bugger in church and 2 weeks ago he was "all done with church mommy."  He has LOTS AND LOTS of energy. 

Karter is still napping every day so if I can get Keaton and Karter to nap at the same time it is a wonderful thing! :)

Keaton has been growing like a weed! He is SO much longer than I remember Karter being.  He is 8 weeks now!! I can hardly believe it.  It is so fun to watch him progress but sometimes I wish my babies could just stay little a little longer.  Starting out at almost 9 pounds makes them get big fast. 

He is holding his head up longer and longer. He smiles all the time now and has such a cute little smile.  He is also cooing which is one of my favorite things! :) 

We blessed him on Sunday.  It was truly wonderful.  I can hardly believe the amount of Love and Support we had.  Rusty, Jim, my Grandpa, my Dad, Jason (Rusty's mission companion in town from Texas), and Mark (Rusty's cousin) were all in the circle.  It was such a sweet blessing.  Amidst Karter's ruckus I remember Rusty blessing Keaton to gain a testimony at a young age.  He blessed him to know of the love we have for him.  He also blessed him with the ability to discern between the two influences of Good and Evil.  He blessed him with a desire to serve a mission and one day meet a worthy young women to take to the Temple to be sealed for Time and all Eternity.