Saturday, September 8, 2012

June, July, August, September

It has been way way too long since I updated. We had my mom take a couple family pictures in July!  They were edited....and brightened and I am not sure where those went on my computer

This was taken on Kaden's Birthday.  We celebrated with family that evening...we went out to dinner and then came back to the house for swimming and cake.  I know my little man who would have turned 3 would have loved to play and laugh in the pool with his cousins. 

Karter keeps us super busy and is a true blessing in our lives.

What was left from the cake I made for Kaden's Birthday party

He loves climbing into things and onto things.

Karter's first sucker.  He climbed up to the top of the ski ball and would not let us near him cause He thought we were going to take away his sucker.

This little boy LOVES!! his dad and loves to work with him, play with him and laugh with him
In fact the other day he told us both he wuvs us!! we were so excited.
Things he loves:
1. climbing onto everthing
2. sugar
3. fun
4. pool
5. Going anywhere but our house....brings me his Shoes and says sssssssshhh for shoes
6. giving us random loves throughout the day
words he says:
1. ball
2. mama
3. daddy
4. papa
5. baby
6. please in sign language
7. all done in sign language
8. hi
(I think there is more....just can't think of any at the moment)