Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Things lately

I know I have said this a million times on here but my new goal is to write on here at least 2 times a month but I am shooting for once a week just to recap! Here are some pictures of the last couple months. It shows life as candid as possible and makes me realize I nee more pictures of me with the 3 boys I love! Which hopefully I should have some to post soon of our family photo session with my friend and an amazing photographer Amy Fraughton.
This is early one Saturday morning in the end of January or beginning of February.  Rusty and Karter went out to work on the BBQ.  It has been the NEVER ending project consuming much of our time lately. I actually helped add stone to it while Rusty was gone on a work trip. 

Karter is literally OBSESSED with tools.  He lives, breaths, and plays with tools so ANY opportunity to spend time with dad he LOVES and if it involves tools he is right there next to him either in the way or "trying" to help with his own tools. I have never seen such a sweet love for a dad in such a little boy.  He treats Rusty like he is his best friend....even calling him "Rus" at times.
Karter does this cute thing when he is pretending he is building something or talking any sort of contracting skills...he uses this cute voice and moves his hands like he is working on something.  So sweet! I can't believe how much he has matured. He really is turning into such a sweet little boy saying the sweetest things all the time. 
When we were saying family prayers the other night he said it and "dank you for mommy, daddy, Keaton, Karter and Kaden.  Dank you for Costco.....Dank you for our house.....Dank you for the Temple....Dank you for the couch....Dank you for all the Temples...Dank you for Jesus. Amen. Jesus Christ."  He always says "Amen. Jesus Christ." instead in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.   It melts Rusty and I heart.  When he is really focused he squeezes his eyes shut and folds his doesn't always happen.

Keaton wishes he was a big boy.  He wants to play with everything Karter plays with and of course Karter loves but hates it at the same time.  Karter begs for Keaton to play in his room.  Keaton seems to always get "hurt by accident" b/c Karter has good intentions most of the time.

The boys at Circus Circus in Vegas.  Poor Keaton got sick and of course b/c Karter can't seem to keep his hands of Keaton he then got sick.  I felt so bad.  Vegas is a nasty place and especially for a crawling baby.  Rusty wanted us to join him on his work trip so he would not get too lonely and miss us.

Rusty and Karter watching the Circus Circus act.

The boys after they changed outfits and got "Comfy" from family pictures. 

Keaton with his crazy hair!