Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tender Mercies

Kaden Yesterday

As many of you know Kaden is back in the hospital. He has Pulmonary Hypertension. In english...he has high blood pressure...not the kind you can measure from a cuff but the kind that is only seen in an echocardiogram. We had been worried about him requiring more oxygen so we went to the cardiologist. They discovered he had severe PPHN (same as above). We then went straight to his pulmonologist appt. and discovered he was not keeping his oxygen saturations where they need to be.
NUMBER ONE: This didn't happen at home and we didn't have to call the peramedics.

They were not feeding our little guy any food...just iv fluids to keep hydrated. Of course, everyone asks why not? but you see your blood from your heart has to be sent to your stomach to help digest your food. They wanted his heart to focus on pumping to his lungs. So, finally after being such a sweet and content baby (not even being feed) for thursday, friday and Saturday....Kaden hit his breaking point of starving!! I asked if your not going to feed him can he at least have something to ease his hunger pains. So they did. His night went ok but he keep dropping his saturations so they decided to intubate him....scary...back to square one.
The night nurse had come from another hospital that mostly dealt with the heart.
NUMBER TWO:She suggested a medication for him to help his heart pump easier

So they decided on Sunday right after we had arrived to intubate him...he was franticly upset and gave me a look like Mom Please take this away! It litteraly broke my heart. They decided to do an eccho and....

NUMBER THREE: His Pressures had decreased!! YAY!!

Yesterday was a special day...after him being soo out of it on Sunday with the muscle relaxer he was finally off of that. So he was able to...


Rusty came after work and he whispered in Kaden's ear. "I LOVE you Kaden!" and


There is sooo much more to explain and that goes on minute by minute but that is my update. "Come what may, and Love it..."

Friday, November 6, 2009

He sMiLeD!!!!!!!!!!

I sat Kaden on my lap this morning and talked to him like I always do and he looked straight at me and SmIlEd!!! I was sooo excited and I almost cried...sappy I know but there is no more joy that is greater than to see him do so well with all he has been thru...it's like he looked at me and said..."I LOVE you mom!" What a blessing it is to spend my days with him!

This is not the best smile he gave me but it's what I was able to capture on my phone!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Months Old!

Kaden is 5 months old Today! Believe it or not!! He is 6 wks old corrected...crazy huh! He is the love of my life...and my little buddy! There is nothing more rewarding than being with my little man! Here is a picture of him learning to play with his rattle!
I love his BIG eyes while he holds on to it....it cracks me up!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HAPPY late..Halloween! PICTURES!!

Our little Family on Kaden's FiRsT HaLlOwEeN!!!

Kaden and Mom AlL ReAdY!!!

Kaden's FIRST Halloween...

He spent the morning with Grandma while Rusty and I went to his work party and then to the Chandler mall...His sister Lari is the manager at the MAC counter in Nordstrom and Rusty had the Idea of having my face done like a tiger to match my little Kaden! So I thought what the heck...it would be fun! Then we went and dropped my Ring off at Christopher Diamonds for a good cleaning and to be redipped! I can't wait to get it back...it is going to look brand new again!!

Then we hung out at Grandma's and helped them get all ready for Halloween....we didn't take Kaden trick or treating cause he can only have milk...DANG! I wanted candy! haha So here are some pictures from the day!