Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HAPPY late..Halloween! PICTURES!!

Our little Family on Kaden's FiRsT HaLlOwEeN!!!

Kaden and Mom AlL ReAdY!!!

Kaden's FIRST Halloween...

He spent the morning with Grandma while Rusty and I went to his work party and then to the Chandler mall...His sister Lari is the manager at the MAC counter in Nordstrom and Rusty had the Idea of having my face done like a tiger to match my little Kaden! So I thought what the heck...it would be fun! Then we went and dropped my Ring off at Christopher Diamonds for a good cleaning and to be redipped! I can't wait to get it back...it is going to look brand new again!!

Then we hung out at Grandma's and helped them get all ready for Halloween....we didn't take Kaden trick or treating cause he can only have milk...DANG! I wanted candy! haha So here are some pictures from the day!

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