Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Honor of my Grandpa

In honor of my Grandpa Sharpy passing away a year ago tomorrow; I decided to post about him.  I knew him for Twenty One years.  To me he was a honorable man who loved his Family and God.  I think of the agony and pain he was feeling a year ago and my heart breaks all over.  He was in so much pain.  I remember visiting him before he passed in the hospice and would break down every time because would think to myself will this be the last time I see him? 

As I reflect on a year ago, I think of many things.  I think to myself now No that was not the last time I would see my Grandpa.  I WILL see him again.  He is with me and his memories will keep him alive until we meet again.  I miss him yes I do with all my heart.  I think how blessed I was to know him and how blessed I am to have had all my grandparents living in Arizona all growing up.  I have my dad's parents, my mom's parents, and my Great grandma(my dad's grandma).  My grandpa sharpy was the first to move from this life to the next.  

I mourn for my grandma because they were married for 59 years! And they would celebrate their anniversary on my birthday.  May 7th was a special day for us both!!  I think of all they have been through together.  I think of the eleven children they sacrificed for and lovingly raised.  I think of the examples they were to me growing up.  I have many special memories of going to my grandparents house watching Land Before Time.  My grandma would always give me ice cream.  She sure spoiled us and she still does!!

My grandpa had some funny things he would say; he used to sing the Alphabet a little like this: U, S, X, C, F, Y, H, G, P now I know my X, Y, Z's next time won't you sing with me?  And we would go back and forth and say Grandpa you don't sing it like that and he would say yes you do!  Anytime we would cut our hair short he ALWAYS told us we looked like little boys.  Anytime a kid would whine or cry he would say "SHUTUP kid and go to your room!"  He would always give us a hug and kiss every time we saw him.  He loved each of us in a special way and he always let us know that by his words and actions.  Oh how I could go on and on.  

To my Grandpa,

I think of you often and miss you so much.  I miss you coming to my house and making us laugh.  You always knew how to make us laugh.  You were such a charitable and loving Grandpa.  Thank you for all you taught me and how you continually taught me to respect my parents.  As I am soon to be a parent, I will remember your example.  I know you and my little boy are bonding.  I am sad he won't get to meet you down here but I know you two are thinking of ways to have him tease me once he gets here.  Kaden is due close to my parents Anniversary (September 25th) and it is special to me because we shared that special day together growing up.  Thank you for all you were and still are to me! I love you.


Friday, April 10, 2009

AND his NAME will be......

ok ok it's way too early in the morning for that.

Rusty and I went over some names like I had said before.  He didn't really like any of them.  So I had to keep looking and after reading them off to my mom and sister and having their input I called my hubby.  I told him the name I was falling in love with and he immediately said 
"I LOVE it!!! I don't want to hear another name.  That's it!"

He then yelled to his mom and sister in the other room and they were like 
"YES!! we LOVE it!!"

So hear I am in Arizona and they are in California and I think we actually have decided on at least his first name and obviously last and here it is:

Kaden Fife

I have fallen in love with the name and so has Rusty.  He said he can already picture us calling him his name once he gets here.

I then looked up the meaning of Kaden just out of curiosity and guess what it means??

It means "fighter"

This will be the perfect name because he is our little fighter.  On many occasions I have been to the Emergency Room with him and each time the doctor comes in and says something like this: "Miracles happen but things just don't look good."  He is going to be our little fighter.

So there it is unless for some reason we find something else that fits better but I doubt it.  As far as the middle name goes...my mother in law thinks I need to give my children my maiden name as their middle name...That's what she did and she said it is for genealogy.  I am thinking about it but not sure yet....

P.S.  I go to the high risk dr. and I will update after they tell me what they think.  Cross your fingers!! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our little Boy needs a NAME!!

So all growing up I thought you don't name your child until they get here because so often my mom and dad NEVER had names for there children when they left the hospital.  I want a name for my boy.  I want to call him by name before he gets here!!  

So all day yesterday I sat on my computer and looked at names and wrote down in my little handy notebook the ones that appeared to be likes of mine.  Well, then I called Rusty who by the way is on his way to CALI with out his bedridden wife.  (He even took extra time off work and so did I to go but unfortunately a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.) I do miss him!! 

ANYWAYS....so I call him with about 12 names I kinda liked I had gotten through E.  If you don't know Rusty let me explain a little something about him He compares EVERYTHING!!  He compared my mom's WEDDING gown to CURTAINS when we were ONLY dating!!! :)  My mom still loves him.  SO....he vetoed ALL the names except one Kind of.  

SO....it looks like another day of looking for more names! Boys are much HARDER to choose for than girls....but that's ok.  I am just soooooooo excited I get a little and big Rusty to run around after.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Your Mamma Jokes

So being on bed rest I find laughter at the dumbest things and I am at my mom's today and my little sister Rachel has an Ipod touch with an application of Your MAMA's SO....fat, poor, stupid, old and ugly jokes.  So for your entertainment I will share a few!

Your Mama's so fat the only thing stopping her from going to Jenny Craig is the door.

Your Mama's so poor she can't even afford to pay attention.

Your Mama's so ugly when she was born, the doctor smacked the wrong end.

Your Mama's so old her birth certificate says "expired" on it.

Your Mama's so stupid she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order.

Your Mama's so old when she walked into an antique store they kept her.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I do.  I am going to be doing some more resting today and hanging out with my grandma....she is going to teach me how to knit!! I am so excited...I go to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully there will be some good news!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tears on my pillow.....

I was officially put on bed rest dr.'s orders on Thursday last week.  I have to say that was not an easy thing to hear nor is it the easiest thing for me to do.  I do much better keeping busy and my mind occupied.  So, that was hard to take in.  

Monday night I went to the ER because I was having a lot of pain I couldn't control with Tylenol and after a sleepless night the night before I decided ER was the place I should probably be.  I officially HATE the ER.  They take forever to even see me....and the doctors (i mean mine specifically was very belittling) 

Baby is still there and holding on but things just don't look too great....

I am still holding on to the idea that I won't have to deliver this baby early.  I want soooo badly to hold this baby in my arms full term and raise it but  I have faith that everything we go through in life is there to be learned from...we will see what happens.   

Already this baby has taught me soo much about life and myself and for that I am soo grateful.  Thank you to all those who care and give their support in every way-prayers, dinners, and comforting words.  THANK YOU!!!