Friday, April 10, 2009

AND his NAME will be......

ok ok it's way too early in the morning for that.

Rusty and I went over some names like I had said before.  He didn't really like any of them.  So I had to keep looking and after reading them off to my mom and sister and having their input I called my hubby.  I told him the name I was falling in love with and he immediately said 
"I LOVE it!!! I don't want to hear another name.  That's it!"

He then yelled to his mom and sister in the other room and they were like 
"YES!! we LOVE it!!"

So hear I am in Arizona and they are in California and I think we actually have decided on at least his first name and obviously last and here it is:

Kaden Fife

I have fallen in love with the name and so has Rusty.  He said he can already picture us calling him his name once he gets here.

I then looked up the meaning of Kaden just out of curiosity and guess what it means??

It means "fighter"

This will be the perfect name because he is our little fighter.  On many occasions I have been to the Emergency Room with him and each time the doctor comes in and says something like this: "Miracles happen but things just don't look good."  He is going to be our little fighter.

So there it is unless for some reason we find something else that fits better but I doubt it.  As far as the middle name mother in law thinks I need to give my children my maiden name as their middle name...That's what she did and she said it is for genealogy.  I am thinking about it but not sure yet....

P.S.  I go to the high risk dr. and I will update after they tell me what they think.  Cross your fingers!! :)


  1. I LOVE IT! Yep, now you can name him that! You have my approval! I know that you were like totally waiting for it too:) That is really a good name and it is especially good with what the meaning of the name means. He does sound like a little fighter! I also like the idea of your mother-in-laws about giving him your maiden name for his middle name.

    We gave our Blake my Mom's maiden name for his middle name because my Mom an only child and so her maiden name just stopped. So I wanted to continue on the name and so I gave Blake her maiden name for his middle name. I've already told him he has to promise to give that middle name to one of his sons.

    I'm so happy for you. Glad to be able to keep track of you!

    Take Care,

    P.S. If you give me your email address I will send you an invite to Brilynn's little blog!

  2. Perfect.
    When I was struggling with Micah's pregnancy, I really liked his name, because it means gift. These little ones that really put us through the ringer need special names. Thinking of you today. Pray it goes smoothly.

  3. Love it!!! Plus I do agree with your mother- in- law about using your madien name, but that could just be because I am doing it. haha

  4. I love it, I am glad that you decided on a name! I always thought we would wait to name her till she came out too but that was not the case for us, we have a name for out baby too. I got chills when you said it means fighter.

  5. Jacq (Gus Gus):
    I am so glad that you sent me that facebook message, I didn't even know about your cute blog. I will pray for you with all the baby news. Kaden is such a cute name, I can totally see you with a Kaden. :)

  6. Hi Jacquie!! I was so touched when I read about the name you picked. I picked the name Wyatt for my little boy. When he was born he had a serious defect called congenital diaphramatic hernia and went under code several times. It was neat though because I later found out at the hospital that his name means "little fighter". I knew that wasn't a coincidence. Anyway, such a cool name...Kaden!! I love it and I don't think you picking that name was a coincidence either :)!!

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Who is Hazer? you didn't tell me your name?

  8. Hey Jacquie your mom didn't name anyone Sharpy for their middle name, what are you talking about? And why aren't I listed under friends and family???huh?????

  9. I love that name its way cute. Congrats again to you guys. Hope to see you at work soon, miss your smiley face and funny comments and remarks.

  10. Aunt Michele I said my MOTHER IN LAW!! you goof. ps you don't have a blog so I can't list you!! Silly goose!

  11. I vote to name him Julius!!!
    Happy Easter you silly goof yourself!!!!

  12. we love it over here!
    what about Kaden Weston Fife???

  13. Hey There Jacquie,

    Harrison missed you two yesterday at church. I hope Rusty comes home soon. I love that you named Kaden already! We found out Harrison had a birth defect while I was pregnant. It was good to have a name for the baby. We never called him baby, always seemed to give me more of a connection. Plus, in my prayers, I always prayed for Harrison to be strong. It seemed to make a difference to me, as a mom. Harrison is fine and strong now, and Kaden will be too.

    Are you at home or with your parents? I would love to come over and visit. Or just drop some goodies off. Let me know when a good time is.


  14. That sounds perfect for him! So glad things are looking up. All I need to invite you to my blog is your email so call, comment or send it to me @ and I will get you on! Love you!

  15. hey girl!!! congrats i love the name. so cute!!!!