Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our little Boy needs a NAME!!

So all growing up I thought you don't name your child until they get here because so often my mom and dad NEVER had names for there children when they left the hospital.  I want a name for my boy.  I want to call him by name before he gets here!!  

So all day yesterday I sat on my computer and looked at names and wrote down in my little handy notebook the ones that appeared to be likes of mine.  Well, then I called Rusty who by the way is on his way to CALI with out his bedridden wife.  (He even took extra time off work and so did I to go but unfortunately a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.) I do miss him!! I call him with about 12 names I kinda liked I had gotten through E.  If you don't know Rusty let me explain a little something about him He compares EVERYTHING!!  He compared my mom's WEDDING gown to CURTAINS when we were ONLY dating!!! :)  My mom still loves him.  SO....he vetoed ALL the names except one Kind of. looks like another day of looking for more names! Boys are much HARDER to choose for than girls....but that's ok.  I am just soooooooo excited I get a little and big Rusty to run around after.


  1. I'm so glad you have a blog too. I love to blog even though I'm not the best at it. I'm gonna add you to my list. Congrats on being preggers, thats exciting. I agree with you... its much easier to pick out a girls name than a boys name. I have a girls name all picked out which means when I get pregnant I'll be sure to have a boy.


  2. Ken was impossible to pick out names with - he can make fun of almost any name and he refused to name Dallin Dillon, because that was the year 90210 came out and he did not want anyone to think we named our kid after the dopey T.V. show! Poor kid was Baby boy Cole for about 4 days. I always have to see the baby first, I find some names I like and yell them out the back door 10 times to see if I can stand it and then just wait. Ken was dead set against Brenn as name - he said he would call her 40% Brenn flakes for the rest of her life - but when she came that is exaclty what she looked like. Of course the only name we both really liked for a first name was Cole and well....

    Good luck and if you need to see if the kids in grade school will make fun of the name call Ken.

  3. Hey Jacquie, Cute blog. It looks just like ours! Congratulations on the little dude! You will love having a boy! We are trying to come up with names as well, so sorry I can't help you. I'm glad to see you guys are doing well. Add us to your friends list.

  4. Baby BOY FIFE should be named Ryder Weston Fife...... His cousin Ryker said MOM that's what he wants his name to be... TEll Aunt Jacquie and Uncle Rusty PLEASE! He also just told be they are ALREADY BFF! He can't wait for him to get down here!

  5. can't really argue with a cousin that has inspiration. Just let me tell you, no matter what you name him, he'll be teased so don't think you can avoid it by some clever choice.
    How about grandpa and great-grandpa names or some derivative?

  6. Grandpa names are probably a NO....Lawrence, Roland, and Julius and Bret's name is doesn't really work...I think Rusty and I finally decided!! I am still deciding on a middle name

  7. Yeah Jacquie what is it??? You totally just left us all hanging here. You silly girl.

    I think it is great to have your names all picked out if it can work for the two of you. Our Blake's name was picked out before he got here and our Brilynn's name was picked out before we were even married:) but Conner wasn't supposed to be Conner he was supposed to be Dalin. Then he got here and he just didn't look like a Dalin. SO that's when he became Conner and boy was it the right name for him. He was a con artist practically the moment he came out and he still is:)

    Good luck with the name picking!