Friday, October 30, 2009

ChOIr BoY!!

This is Rusty and I's FAVORITE face that Kaden makes...he does it when he is content and happy and as many times as he does still cracks me up!!! isn't he adorable!!?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are ready for HALLOWEEN!!

This outfit is a bit big on Kaden but it cracks me up! Don't you love his new binki? it's a frog! This boy melts my heart every day!
We are going to be blessing Kaden soon but we don't know if we should do it at church or just in our home. I need to find a cute blessing outfit...any suggestions on where to find one??

Monday, October 19, 2009

His first SPEND the NIGHT!!

We went to my parents house last night with the intention of just staying a couple of hours but we brought a larger tank of O2 and stuff to make more milk....I wanted to stock my mom's house with some supplies so I didn't have to pack sooo much just to get out the door! As you can see in this picture he requires ALOT to get out the door for a visit to grandma's or the Dr. Those are the the few places we take our little man. He just has too crudy of lungs to be exposed to much of anything especially this time of year!

Last Night we ended up falling asleep and waking up about 10pm and my mom said go back to sleep and I am going to get up with him to feed him all night! I was sooo excited to get a full night sleep for the first time since he has been home! Don't get me wrong I LOVE having him home and it is waaaaay better than having him at the hospital but to have a full night sleep was awesome! My mom ROCKS!! thanks mom...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

life with kaden...

Kaden has learned how to hold his own binki! He LOVES that thing! This is him just chillen on our bed today...I tried getting some pictures for his birth announcement but we will see...I might need to do another photo shoot! Check out the video of him at the bottom! You will crack up!

Mom tried leanig me up against a pillow...but as you can see I started to slide down.

I couldn't resist this picture! He just looks so cute in it!

Here is a close up of Kaden in his swing! He could live in that thing for all he cared!

Kaden's little head is poking thru his swing...he loves to just chill in
his swing and listen to its music!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The journey has ended but only just begun!

Here is a picture of him...notice anything?

Where to begin? I am not quite sure. I wish I was poetic with my words but I am just plain and simple. Short and sweet! What an experience. I will FOREVER be grateful for the wonderful people I have meet this past year, for their love, support and caring service they have given and shown our little family.

As I look back on this past year it all seems to be a blur! We found out I was pregnant around February and we were excited but I was always nervous. I somehow knew that everything was not going to go so smoth. Rusty has been my rock and my greatest support! There were numberless times I thought I was going to loose my son and that terrified me...I wanted so badly to be a mother. After a journey of bedrest, ER visits and a stay in antepartum in two hospitals, an abulance ride, and much more...Kaden came to world! I will never forget the words of Rusty in the labor room...he said "I know it is better for you to still be pregnant but it's kind of like Christmas morning and I can't wait to meet Kaden!"

Kaden came and left up to the NICU very quickly...I wasn't sure what to feel at that point. It was then I began to meet the nurses who would help our family through this time and become our extended family. I was terrified for the first couple months to say the least. Worried all the time that something would happen to my little man. All I could do for him at that point was change his diaper, take his tempature and put my hands on his head and feet. His skin was too sensitive to be rubbed. He got very sick about 10 days after he was born and I didn't know this but I would not hold him until he was 33 days old. I know I techinally wouldn't hold him if I was pregnant but I would be feeling him kick and move inside me. I felt helpless and so humble at the same time. I continued to pray that Kaden would grow and get better.

I will never forget the first day I got to hold him. We were together once again! He slowly made progress but there were deffinately still the ups and downs that could change in a matter of an hour. Slowly, but surely he had his surgery's, grew and went from intabated, to cpap, to high flow oxygen to just prongs, he continued to eat through a feeding tube and would take some milk from the bottle. Everything you do with premies especially with lungs like Kaden is totally different than a term kid as the nurses would say.

The truth is I don't know how I made it day to day at times but I had strength that I know was beyond my own.

Kaden is still on oxygen, an apnea moniter, and a feeding tube. Rusty calls them his "extension cords!" I love him! He keeps life interesting that is for sure!