Monday, October 19, 2009

His first SPEND the NIGHT!!

We went to my parents house last night with the intention of just staying a couple of hours but we brought a larger tank of O2 and stuff to make more milk....I wanted to stock my mom's house with some supplies so I didn't have to pack sooo much just to get out the door! As you can see in this picture he requires ALOT to get out the door for a visit to grandma's or the Dr. Those are the the few places we take our little man. He just has too crudy of lungs to be exposed to much of anything especially this time of year!

Last Night we ended up falling asleep and waking up about 10pm and my mom said go back to sleep and I am going to get up with him to feed him all night! I was sooo excited to get a full night sleep for the first time since he has been home! Don't get me wrong I LOVE having him home and it is waaaaay better than having him at the hospital but to have a full night sleep was awesome! My mom ROCKS!! thanks mom...


  1. All because I love you. I will do it more often but not when I work all day the next day.... I am old and tired

  2. Your mom does rock. You are so lucky to be close to both sides of your family when you need so much help.
    And don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Keep that baby isolated!
    Unless, of course, you're at your mom's and call me to come over to see him! I won't bring any kids or any germs!

  3. your Mom has the old and tired thing down! Jeanne and I check your blog almost daily--we are so happy for you and Kaden--we cannot wait to meet him. Our little Jasen will be over this weekend, so we will get to play granparents for the weekend---great video of Kaden,by the way!