Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Random Post!

So today I am just hanging out by myself right now...

First I woke up and went and got a pedicure with the Fife/Arner Girls!! It was fun and much needed. I can't tell you how great it was to sit back and get a back massage and a hot rock massage on my legs/feet. My toes look pretty!! Happy Birthday to MEGGEN FIFE!!! She is my sister-in-law. All the sisters on Rusty's side get together and get pedicure's and go out for lunch. It is a fun little tradition they have made me apart of. My Birthday is next!! Whoohooo!!

So Rusty is out with one of his guy friends being little kids playing on a Rhino.

I was reading my mom's blog and I thought to myself wow...I am going to be a mother! That is so exciting but so overwhelming at the same time. My mother was such a down to earth and loving mom and I hope I can give that to my children. I love my mom!!

The baby is still making me nauseous. I am hoping it stays just that way! I have been exhausted and my chest has been killing me! Just FYI ;) I can't wait till I or pink?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a Regular Day of Jacquie Fife

Ok so I have been so completely exhausted!! I am going to bed at like 7:30 and 8 o'clock.   Rusty thinks he is married to an old grandma!  He sleeps like a baby though so we are on two different spectrums.  It was a odd day today.  Just typical....this is kind of a boring post.  I went to work and then I went to Nordstrom Rack at lunch to pick up my pants!  I also went to lunch with Rusty and now I am watching our FAVORITE show American Idol!!!!!  I love that show

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So...where do I begin!?

We were too excited we spilt our beans!! I am Pregnant!! I am not that far along...I came home on Friday from work and had been feeling like I was pregnant and so I decided to stop at the store and get a test...I came home and took it and it had two lines one in each I though dang....I am NOT pregnant (because the last one I took that was positive had a positive sign on the one side and a line through the other one) but this test was different. So I assumed they were the same and I decided to look at the box and it had a picture of a positive test and I looked at mine and compared back and forth and I was like I AM pregnant!! :) So nonetheless, we are excited...I feel like a dork I told everyone soo soon but hey I need the extra support!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lights FLASHED us!!!

Rusty and I laughed the whole way home last night and when I think of what happened it makes me laugh right now!

So last night....

1. We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and got our favorite meal a rack of ribs and a sweet potato LOADED with marshmallows and for Rusty EXTRA LOADED!! :)

2. Then we came home to wait for Mark and Annie to get a babysitter. Rusty sat on the computer looking at stocks and real estate his new hobby....while I took a cat nap on the couch.

3. We met up with Mark and Annie at Mark's parents and decided to go see a 9:50 movie "Benjamin Button." I thought for sure Rusty was going to fall asleep because he is famous for that ANYTIME we watch a movie...but he didn't. I have to say it was pretty good considering I didn't fall asleep and the movie got out at 1 AM!!

4. We dropped Mark and Annie off at Mark's parents and headed home....when Rusty wanted to show me a house he liked in Val Vista Lakes (yes at 1 AM) So I resisted but he persisted and we drove into the neighborhood. After looking at the house we pulled over to the side of the road (much like our dating days...) and we were the surprised by SPOTLIGHTS in our car. It was a cop!! He totally caught us Kissing!! So he came up to rusty and asked if everything was OK!!?? Rusty replied yes officer this is my wife and we are on our way home from the movies!! :)

Is that not hilarious!!???

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

On New Years eve we went out to dinner to BJ's Brewery and had yummy pizza with our friends Gavin and Carly (who are engaged to be married!!) We are excited for them! After dinner we did a little party hopping at my mom's, gavins parents, and some friends of Gavin's and then we rang in the New Year at Carly's playing games. It was fun going out on the town...I have always spent my New Year's with the fam and I have to say I kinda missed that even though I had fun.

So now it's time for New Year Resolutions!! I am going to try to accomplish the one's I set last year! really! I am going to make the best of 2009! I turn 22 this year and we celebrate our 2 year anniversary!! How time flies!