Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lights FLASHED us!!!

Rusty and I laughed the whole way home last night and when I think of what happened it makes me laugh right now!

So last night....

1. We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and got our favorite meal a rack of ribs and a sweet potato LOADED with marshmallows and for Rusty EXTRA LOADED!! :)

2. Then we came home to wait for Mark and Annie to get a babysitter. Rusty sat on the computer looking at stocks and real estate his new hobby....while I took a cat nap on the couch.

3. We met up with Mark and Annie at Mark's parents and decided to go see a 9:50 movie "Benjamin Button." I thought for sure Rusty was going to fall asleep because he is famous for that ANYTIME we watch a movie...but he didn't. I have to say it was pretty good considering I didn't fall asleep and the movie got out at 1 AM!!

4. We dropped Mark and Annie off at Mark's parents and headed home....when Rusty wanted to show me a house he liked in Val Vista Lakes (yes at 1 AM) So I resisted but he persisted and we drove into the neighborhood. After looking at the house we pulled over to the side of the road (much like our dating days...) and we were the surprised by SPOTLIGHTS in our car. It was a cop!! He totally caught us Kissing!! So he came up to rusty and asked if everything was OK!!?? Rusty replied yes officer this is my wife and we are on our way home from the movies!! :)

Is that not hilarious!!???


  1. You have a room use it or go to a dark quiet area. Vai vista lakes is closer to me. keep driving north Rusty

  2. KISSING?!! Ken and I got caught at the state capitol in Salt Lake, its kinda embarssing!

    Love ya,

  3. I LOVE that story! YOu guys are a crack up!

  4. You young'uns need to settle down.