Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Random Post!

So today I am just hanging out by myself right now...

First I woke up and went and got a pedicure with the Fife/Arner Girls!! It was fun and much needed. I can't tell you how great it was to sit back and get a back massage and a hot rock massage on my legs/feet. My toes look pretty!! Happy Birthday to MEGGEN FIFE!!! She is my sister-in-law. All the sisters on Rusty's side get together and get pedicure's and go out for lunch. It is a fun little tradition they have made me apart of. My Birthday is next!! Whoohooo!!

So Rusty is out with one of his guy friends being little kids playing on a Rhino.

I was reading my mom's blog and I thought to myself wow...I am going to be a mother! That is so exciting but so overwhelming at the same time. My mother was such a down to earth and loving mom and I hope I can give that to my children. I love my mom!!

The baby is still making me nauseous. I am hoping it stays just that way! I have been exhausted and my chest has been killing me! Just FYI ;) I can't wait till I or pink?


  1. I love getting pedicures they are the best! Whenever I would tell my sister how sick I was feeling she would say, good! I would be like, what? She would say that means its sticking. So I guess I am glad for you that you are feeling sick. I am very excited for you!

  2. how far along are you?? thats so exciting, congrats! im pregnant too! im almost 11 weeks

  3. What a fun tradition! I'm glad you got to relax. It's fun seeing you so often now that you work for Nile:). I'm glad to hear your tummy is feeling queasy, cause that's a good sign things are going as they should! Just nibble on crackers:). I just noticed your mom has a blog too and I'm sooo excited!

  4. Just read your mom's blog. Hope everything works out. Being pregnant is the most exciting, most stressful time in life. Remember it's in the Lord's hands. That doesn't make it easy, just easier.

  5. good luck with everything. you are in my prayers. i don't know what it is like to miscarry. but i do know how hard it is to want and be ready for a baby. i hope it all works out.