Friday, February 6, 2009

Holy COW!!

It has been one rOaLlErCoAsTeR ride!!....
Where do I even begin? Let's start with the good news!!
I am StIlL prEgO!
I had a little incident that took me to the hospital on the 27th last month that scared me.
I thought for sure I was loosing my baby again. That is an indescribable emotion I could never comprehend before it happened. I had to leave work early and they were all worried about me...they didn't know I was pregnant. Well, I went back to the hospital on 31st for the same incident and they told me everything looked fine. My first ultrasound tech I had on the 27th remembered me from my other visit and she was so nice! I got to see my baby's heart beating...whooah what a relief! Then I had an appt. to see my Dr. on Monday and I also had an ultrasound. Everything looked good...My baby measured 8 mm. Tiny!! Yet my belly is not so tiny anymore and it's only 8 mm....I am ScArED!!
I have to say I am grateful for the Priesthood. Rusty and my Dad gave me a blessing on Sunday. This has been a scary emotional time but also EXTREMELY exciting!! My mom already bought my baby diapers and a cute little book to read! She is soooo EXCITED!! So is my Dad! I pray everything continues to go well! I am going to try to get Rusty to help me put my ultrasound pics on here. I have them on a cd but I can't figure out how to get them pulled up
P.S. My expected DUE date is September 22nd 2009! It's going to be a HOT summer!!


  1. I am so glad everything is going good! WE are praying for you guys!
    we love ya!!!!

  2. I am so relieved, I was definitely worried for you. I am glad to hear that baby Fife is doing good.

  3. Who say's I am excited. That stuff was uh on clearance or maybe I found it on the street. Wait it was left from when you were a baby. Actually I am just praying things continue to go well for you both, well the three of you.

  4. oh sweetie, i'm so glad everything's going to be ok! since your mom posted about your trip to the hospital i've been worried. i'm so, so excited for you. it's going to be absolutely the most amazing thing to ever happen to you. but this summer is going to suck hard core. sorry. i was pregnant most of winter and only a little in summer but it was still awful. my poor husband froze the whole time because i wouldn't let him turn up the heat.

  5. Yeah for babies!!! BOO for hot summers

  6. first of all...I think I have the wrong link to your blog. I will need to change that. Due to the wrong link, I didn't even KNOW you were prego!!!
    I am so sorry for all the complications...but I am SO happy that you are going to get a baby.

    If there is anything I can do, just let me know

  7. yea! we're going to have babies about the same time!

  8. Jacguie! You have a blog! It's crazy how many people have blogs! How are you? Congratulations on your pregnancy! Babies are so fun!

  9. ohh dear! i am so completly excited for becoming an aunt! (:
    i love you Jacks! umm keep up the good work? i guess! haha
    much love

    oh and hey! i got a blog! haha yay!