Monday, April 28, 2014

What we are up to lately

Keaton turned one this month and his birthday was pretty uneventful. It landed on April 5th and so we had LDS conference that weekend so we didn't have much time to celebrate him.   The plan was to have a birthday party later like the next week but we didn't get around to it.  I know mom fail!

He is not yet walking but crawls, climbs and pulls himself up onto everything.  Karter is his little taxi around the house and he is becoming quite opioniated about that.  His only words are mamma and dada with a little "yelling" at Karter and shaking when he gets frustrated.  Oh boy am I in trouble! They have a very "love/hate" relationship....only because Karter wants to be in charge ALL the time. That's what big brothers do right? 

We are a little crazy busy between the boys business and Rusty's school, work and church calling schedule.  Life is always going to be busy and I know my hard right now will look easy compared to my hard in a few years so I really can't and shouldn't complain.  :)

I have found a new love-my crossfit gym.  I never thought I would love working out....and really during my workout I am not exactly loving it.  But I am pushing myself, getting results, and feeling much healthier.  It is something in the day that I get to do for just me.  It's a nice break from my crazy but cute boys and I look forward/dread it every day!!

Karter is getting smarter and cuter by the day! We got him tubes to help resolve some of his hearing issues (that I didn't know about...butwhenifoundout I was like hmm....that explains why I am repeating myself SO much more than I should!) Problem resolved....not so much repeating...makes for a much less frustrated mom!

We are doing well and enjoying every last bit of the "nice" weather here in the pit of Az.

what do you do with your kids during the summer to keep them busy?? any ideas?

Family Pictures 2014