Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Fife!!

So yesterday I had what was supposed to be my initial ob visit but we did an ultrasound because they wanted to a repeat ultrasound since I was in the ER. So I figured out how to load them on the computer and here are a couple of pics. I can tell it is going to be one cute baby

Friday, February 20, 2009

A RUN for my $$

This baby is already giving me a run for my money!! I was at Cosette's play last night and it was about to start when I knew something was seriously wrong. How grateful I am for black pants...let's just put it that way. So again we went to the ER. My mom and my mother-in-law met me there. They were so sweet. It feels good to know people love and care about me! So my baby is still growing and measured 9 wks and 1 day. I don't get it!! I am tired of visiting the ER. I know all the nurses by name and they see me in the hall and they are like "What Are YOU doing back here!" I asked if I could get frequent flier miles for coming so much and we got a good chuckle out of that. I try to stay hopeful and positive. I continue to pray for strength and courage!! THANK you all for the continued prayers and support!!

I am going to be resting in bed today...I wish a little fairy would clean my house (wouldn't that be nice) That's the worst...having dishes that are 4 days old still in my sink and having absolutely NO energy to do anything!!

February 21, 2009

MY FAIRY CAME!!! My mom had to work yesterday but then I got a phone call after I posted and she said they put too many people on the schedule and she decided to come over!!! whooahoo....could this mean what I think it means???  YES!! she came over with snacks so I could eat them...and did my laundry, dishes, wiped down my counters, and even vacummed...I guess it is pay back for all of the times I helped her with her being down because of her pregnancies.  I am soooo grateful.  I love my MOM!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Holy COW!!

It has been one rOaLlErCoAsTeR ride!!....
Where do I even begin? Let's start with the good news!!
I am StIlL prEgO!
I had a little incident that took me to the hospital on the 27th last month that scared me.
I thought for sure I was loosing my baby again. That is an indescribable emotion I could never comprehend before it happened. I had to leave work early and they were all worried about me...they didn't know I was pregnant. Well, I went back to the hospital on 31st for the same incident and they told me everything looked fine. My first ultrasound tech I had on the 27th remembered me from my other visit and she was so nice! I got to see my baby's heart beating...whooah what a relief! Then I had an appt. to see my Dr. on Monday and I also had an ultrasound. Everything looked good...My baby measured 8 mm. Tiny!! Yet my belly is not so tiny anymore and it's only 8 mm....I am ScArED!!
I have to say I am grateful for the Priesthood. Rusty and my Dad gave me a blessing on Sunday. This has been a scary emotional time but also EXTREMELY exciting!! My mom already bought my baby diapers and a cute little book to read! She is soooo EXCITED!! So is my Dad! I pray everything continues to go well! I am going to try to get Rusty to help me put my ultrasound pics on here. I have them on a cd but I can't figure out how to get them pulled up
P.S. My expected DUE date is September 22nd 2009! It's going to be a HOT summer!!