Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

On New Years eve we went out to dinner to BJ's Brewery and had yummy pizza with our friends Gavin and Carly (who are engaged to be married!!) We are excited for them! After dinner we did a little party hopping at my mom's, gavins parents, and some friends of Gavin's and then we rang in the New Year at Carly's playing games. It was fun going out on the town...I have always spent my New Year's with the fam and I have to say I kinda missed that even though I had fun.

So now it's time for New Year Resolutions!! I am going to try to accomplish the one's I set last year! really! I am going to make the best of 2009! I turn 22 this year and we celebrate our 2 year anniversary!! How time flies!


  1. jacquie! my long lost sister. i'm so glad your mom found me because then i found you! you and rusty look so cute together. i miss you!

  2. Hanging out with friends is a fun way to bring in the new Year.