Tuesday, October 13, 2009

life with kaden...

Kaden has learned how to hold his own binki! He LOVES that thing! This is him just chillen on our bed today...I tried getting some pictures for his birth announcement but we will see...I might need to do another photo shoot! Check out the video of him at the bottom! You will crack up!

Mom tried leanig me up against a pillow...but as you can see I started to slide down.

I couldn't resist this picture! He just looks so cute in it!

Here is a close up of Kaden in his swing! He could live in that thing for all he cared!

Kaden's little head is poking thru his swing...he loves to just chill in
his swing and listen to its music!


  1. Cute pics of Kaden! I love the part where he can hold his own binki. That's awesome.

  2. Cute pics. can't wait to see the rest...

  3. oh man, he is cute!

    i need to come by and bring his gift before his girlfriend gets here! ;)