Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Easter 2013- very pregnant with our third boy!

2 weeks Post Pardom with Keaton
Can we just talk about the ups and downs of weight gain and weight loss during the years of pregnancy?  I just have to say it is hard to be motivated sometimes to loose all that weight when you know you are just going to do it again.  But let me tell you is worth it. It is worth it for your health and energy alone.   It took me a while and some vanity to realize this.
Without taking you through my whole up and downs of weight gain and weight loss I will start with how I felt just a short 4 months ago.  I had lost a little more weight since this picture was taken but I had not made much progress.  I was weighing myself all the time thinking that if I ate healthy for 3 days surely my weight would just fall right off....right? no.
I was sick and tired of not buckling down to just get the extra baby weight off.  I was chatting with my friend one day about it and how I was just tired of feeling flabby every where. She was already into crossfit.  She told me to just try it for a week.  Come to her gym where my friend is actually the owner and try it.  What could it hurt?  I walked in with wide eyes and feeling insecure and flabby.  Everyone was very friendly and nice.  It was very family oriented and I was able to put my two crazy boys in the day care.  Before this I have never had a gym membership.  I worked out at home after I had my second son to loose my weight.  With two busy boys that was no longer working for me...I needed someone to push me and realize my potential.  When I look back to where I was 4 months ago I am very proud of what I have accomplished. 
I started going like I said for vanity. I wanted to look better when what I feel like I have gotten most out of this 4 month journey is a clearer mind and more energy.  I am still working on goals and bettering myself every day but my hope in posting this is that you can be inspired to make goals for your health and mental well being.  Your body and mind will thank you. 
This is what helped me get into the habit:
1. make the goal (s)
2. put a reminder in your phone
3. be consistent
4. find your motivation
5. Eat better
6. Workout
One book I would suggest reading to get you started is Body for Life.  You can buy it on Amazon
I do crossfit but I like his mentality for "eating for life."  Find good at home crossfit style workouts HERE and better food options HERE and follow me on my instagram for Fife approved yummy healthy food Here
Here is a good philosophy: EAT LESS CRAP!- Get results!
Disclaimer- I am not a nutritionist or an expert but have found being consistent is the best route.  

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