Friday, January 24, 2014

January fun!

The boys love to take a bath.  If Keaton is ever too quiet it is because he has crawled in my room and pulls himself up to the bath....he has actually tried crawling in and dropped in.

Keaton @ 9 months

Karter almost 3 years old

January 21st 2014 Karter wanted a Toy Story themed birthday party. We invited his friends from church along with Rhet and Tanner. Only 2 were able to come but they still had a good time!

Karter with Mom and Dad

Karter swinging at the piñata

Rhet, Tanner, Bentley

Keaton on Karter's birthday

After his birthday party with his little friends we went to lunch and came back to make dessert for the family to come and celebrate with him.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Our little family!

We sure love our spunky, goofy, happy, social little 3 year old!

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