Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Madness!

So many of you may wonder what happened to me the last couple months.  Karter has turned into a major toddler.  Running and destroying the place.  He is in his highchair as we speak and that is about the only time I get to do something....that and nap time so the blog has taken the back burner.  I dropped my last camera in the tub after taking pictures of Karter with his buddy Rhet (that will show me) So for my birthday on May 7th I got another point and shoot....someday I'll get a nice camera with the crazy lense and all but until I can learn to take care of a cheap one I can't buy a nice one (I've been thru 3 cameras in 4.5 years!)

The Month of May a little backwards and sideways!
 Mother's Day. Kaden and Karter.  Picture speaks for itself. Love them.

 I love his absolute innocence to this world.  It is refreshing.  I can totally understand why we are asked to "become as children"

How lucky is it that we happened to be driving by the temple on the day Angel Moroni was being placed!!?  We were driving out of costco and our old stomping grounds and this was happening! :) SOOO awesome!

Our little family....trying to get a picture with the temple not realizing it was exactly behind us.  It was SO hot that day and the sun was blinding!

Complete! :)

My cousin was baptised this month so I got to go to their house.  This is Karter with his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Addington! 

This picture does not do justice to the awesomeness of this deal! All of this for $13 bucks!! Those are Ralph Lauren shorts and oldnavy shorts and DownEastBasics Pink tee (been wanting one so bad!) I LOVE GOODWILL!! LOL never thought I'd say that....but there are some deals to be had my friends! 

A Glimpse of calm Karter-its a rare occassion Why do you think I grabbed my camera!?  Might help if you turn that book right side up! :)

Karter feeding himself (or attempting to!)

Do those eyes melt your heart as much as they do mine!?

Back to using his hands!

 Believe it or not....he likes his sunglasses.  when he finds them he hands
them to us to put them on him!

Karter looking back to reassure it's ok to go out there and play! hillarious.

He held his own out there and loved to play with the water.  PS this is at a mall close by if you were wondering...probably going to live there with him this summer!

LOVED this!

Karter and Mom, Brittney and Rhet (yes they are the same age 19 days apart but people have asked if they are twins! LOL)

Rhet not loving it so much....poor guy

Can you see the pure excitment!? It's like I never take him out of the house and this was the first time! :)

This happened a little earlier in the month.  He got into the Pantry (now locked pantry) and somehow opened the Jar of Hoisin Sauce and was covered in it and eating it like I don't feed him! What a cute mess!

As you can see Karter keeps us busy around here! Gotta love 'em! :) 

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  1. I haven't made a comment in quite awhile but it was fun to catch up with you! Your little guy is darling! Glad to see you are all doing so well!

    Take Care,