Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keaton Addington Fife

I have decided to make it a priority to update my blog...if for no one else it will be for me.  I need to keep track of the cute and funny things my boys do.  I need to keep better track of the life of the Fife's! :)  So I'll begin with the most recent important event.  Keaton's birth.

It was April 3rd.  I was litterally ready to burst and wanted to have this baby so bad.  I was beyond uncomfortable and not the most pleasant person to be around.  I was scheduled for a "just in case"
C-Section (in hopes of delivering VBAC) on April 5th.  I was told by my Dr. to just go into the hospital for my scheduled section and if I was progressing they would induce my labor.  So I was a bit confused when April 3rd rolled around I wanted to know if I should go in fasting if I had not gone into labor and was going in on April 5th.  The scheduler told me I could not show up and expect to be induced when I am scheduled for a C-Section.  My Dr. said to ignore her.  SO I did! On April 4th I started to have contractions that seemed more like laboring contractions...not just braxton hicks like I had been having.  They were 4-8 minutes apart and I was not able to talk thru some of them.  I called my mom and said mom can you please come help me with Karter today.  I didn't have the energy to chase him or take care of him.  She did just that! :) She ended up taking me to the hospital to be checked because I was in a lot of pain.  I was only at a 1 and 80 percent.  I was so frustrated because I did not want to go to the hospital prematurely. I had made an appt. with my Dr. to get things sorted out about the scheduled C-Section and possible induction.  It was for 4:50pm.  I went.  My mom took Karter to her house.  When I saw the Dr. she looked at me and said "Labor just has a certain look about it" checked me and accidently broke my water!  I was releaved and also became a bit nervous! I called Rusty (who works at the hospital Sleep Center) and he was just getting off work. 

My Dr.'s office is almost on the Hospital campus so I told him my water broke and to come pick me up! He came and took me to the hospital.  They had a room all ready for me.  The nurse in triage who sent me home earlier that day became my nurse.  They hooked me up with an iv and sent me walking.  I got to the point where I did not want to walk anymore and I went back to my room.  I was not really paying attention to the time.  It was happening...I was going to have this baby and I was so excited!! :)  I asked for some pain meds  until I could get my epideral...the contractions were long and hard...My mom and Rusty were there during this part and later my mother in law and father in law came. 

I was still in a lot of pain with the pain meds they gave me and so my nurse (who was amazing by the way) checked me and said I could get my epideral if I wanted! :) YAY!!! so sure enough the anestheologist came and quickly gave me my epideral...Rusty and I both agreed we would love to take him home! :) LOL!! Rusty was happy not to see or hear me in pain and I was happy to not feel so much pain either!

Then my Mother-In-Law came and they all kept me occupied chatting.  They called my Dr. so she could be there during labor (they are supposed to be there the whole labor process during VBAC's) My mother in law decided to go home and get some rest until the baby was going to come.  At this point I asked my husband to go ask the nurse when she was going to put in my cathedar.  When she came in to do that I was at a nine! So we called my mother in law and she came back....she only had enough time to take of her clothes and change into pj's.  She litterally was less than a mile from the hospital.  So she came back and my father in law came! I wanted my mom and mother in law in the room when I had the baby.

Rusty and my mom helped hold my legs and Helen was at my head.  I was pretty focused on getting him out I was not real sure what was going on except for about a min of time when I said "I am just going to pretend like I am not open to the whole world to see!"

From what they told me I pushed for about 15 min.  Karter shoulder almost got him stuck so they helped sweep him out somehow.  Rusty said the Dr. and Nurse got a little nervous but I was completely unaware of that!

Keaton Addington Fife
April 5, 2013
8 pounds 14 ouncs
21 inches long

He was out and they put him directly on me! WOW! I DID IT!! :) I was so happy! I was able to get up and go to the bathroom and as soon as he was done being bathed I walked him to my postpardum room! I felt so amazing especially compared to having a C-Section! Crazy!!

He was super sleepy and did not want to eat much.  I asked the nurse to help me on Friday morning because I was started to worry that he would not wake up to eat.  She evaluated him while I tried nursing him....mind you this is not my first rodeo so I think the nurses were super laid back with me.  When she came in though she noticed his breathing was too quick, sleepy and so she took him to the nursery to have him checked out.  They had to put him on oxygen and his blood sugar was low.  They decided to treat him for an infection with all the signs of him showing an infection...and since I had Strep B positive.  Rusty and our Bishop gave him a blessing.  His blood cultures never came back positive so he was taken off antibiotics.  He was weaned off oxygen.  His billirubin levels were high so they had to keep him under the lights.  It got better then got worse and then of course got better.  The jaundice makes babies sleepy so he was not nursing or taking a bottle well so I had to pump and made enough milk for the whole nursery!! :)  Finally a week later of him staying in the nursery, me sleeping at the hospital to be there for every feeding and my mom keeping Karter we brought him HOME!!! :)

It sure felt good to go home! Here we are almost six weeks later and I can't hardly believe how fast yet how slow the time has gone! We are all in love with our sweet new addition...including Karter! He is still adjusting to him going to church with us but other than that has adjusted rather nicely! :)

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:


This is Keaton two weeks old at Lari and Mitch's Wedding! It is always wierd looking at pictures of our family knowing we are missing our little Kaden in the picture.  I feel so blessed to have my best friend for my husband and my beautiful, happy, spunky little boys! :)

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  1. congratuations!! he is adorable! a beautiful familly!