Friday, July 16, 2010


Today, I am twelve weeks pregnant!  The point where a lot of people start telling everyone they are pregnant.  I told much fact the week I found out! But...that is besides the point.  I have been thinking alot about Mr. Kaden today.  He has been on my mind alot.  I can't begin to express how much I miss him.  A part of me is missing...and then it occured to me today....I am twelve weeks.  With Kaden that would have meant I am HALFWAY.  That thought is insane. 

Although, I am already showing MUCH MUCH quicker this time {I think the 10lbs I could have lost but didn't can be somewhat to account for that} and although I am hotter than heck: I WOULD NOT CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD!! nor....would I dare want to say I am SO many pregnant women constantly say! 

I am grateful to be pregnant.  I have had some complications already but I am doing alright at the moment.  I go back to see my doctor in a week to have a checkup and an ultrasound.  I MIGHT might find out the sex of the baby {I found out with Kaden at 13 weeks too!}  Rusty is convinced it is a girl and I mean convinced.  He has not spoke one word about it being a boy or even boy names.  Rusty was right last time so I trust him! :)  I am not really sure what I think....I guess I don't think it will be a boy but then again....I thought that with Kaden.  The main consences is what do YOU think!!!???


  1. I looked up the pencil tests so next time you come over we will do it to you!! So excited for you!!

    You are H-O-T alright:) You look fabulous & adorable with your little belly! xoxo

  2. I think it will be a girl too. I am so glad to hear that things are good right now for you. Yay for 12 weeks already. Lovin the look of your blog.

  3. Congrats Jacquie! We are due in January too!

  4. I hope it is a girl, wait no a boy. Oh gee whiz I shall love that baby no matter what!