Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Dream.

This is Kaden's Last Video.  He was a starven marven in the hospital...but this is one thing I remember him doing the most.  I would wake up to him doing this in his bed...rarely crying for food, just trying to please himself by eating his own hands.

This pregnancy has given me some of the most random, crazy, wonderful, wierd, awesome dreams.  They are almost as if it is real life.

I dreamt last night.  Kaden.  He never left us.  He was turning one years old and he was actually at his birthday party.  We had it at a park and I did nothing but chase him around! He was starting to learn to walk.  I can't remember exactly what he looked like.  But...his cleft was fixed, no oxygen, no feeding tube, and FULL of life.  He had chubby cheeks and those AMAZING eyes of his!!! He was FULL OF LIFE!! It was adorable to see him and so wonderful to be his mother who he needed. 

My friend Heidi Bishop was there with her little bugger Austin. We had a joint birthday party because we only thought it was appropriate since they were like basically twins born a day apart and to seperate families.  They had fun together as I always knew they would.  I remember taking a picture....the picture was with me, Kaden, Heidi, and Austin.  A picture I wish I had....but someday I will.

I love when I have dreams of Kaden.  I woke up and didn't really remember that I had one until I was going through Kaden's Closet (cleaning it out and packing it...cause we are moving!!) and it dawned on me- "YOU HAD A DREAM OF KADEN!!! :)"  I told Rusty all about it and I just told him mostly I can just remember his eyes....they were magical!


  1. I miss him so much. The Lord blesses you with dreams and I'm glad you share them.

  2. I love it. . . a vision of what you have to look forward to one day! and yes, i have read your friends blog. . . so inspiriing. her strength to go through those days w/ Stephen are amazing. I bawled at that one too!!! Hope your feeling okay.