Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 Months and Christmas

A couple days shy of his 11 month birthday.  can't believe how he has grown!
-he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING even my leg!
-He calls me mama and rusty dada
-still takes his bottle but knows how to drink from a straw
-still crawls super goofy but also on his hands and knees for a couple seconds
-walks around furniture
-is done wearing his helmet! :)
-loves to wrestle his dad on the ground (seriously it is a sight to see)
-laughing much harder these days
-puts his gaurd up for when we are "Gonna Get you!"
-loves playing with toys!!
-still takes two naps around 10am and 2pm
-still has his binki for sleeping but nothing else (hopefully to be done with that soon! ;))

Wish I knew how to rotate this.  So here is a story for you....Karter woke us up at 3 am and we brought him to our bed being exhausted and hoping he would fall back to sleep oh no...he had enough energy to bounce around and crawl all over us.   It was like he knew it was Christmas morning! :)  We liked to say Kaden woke him up for all the excitement!

We always hang a stocking for Karter's Brother Kaden

He was so excited about his stocking stuffers!

Still doesn't know how to open a gift by himself but we helped a little :)  Grandma spoiled him!

This picture CRACKS me up like what mom I am playing with Dad! leave us alone.

We went to visit my Great Grandma Williams and was able to take this nice picture with her.  She was soooo excited to see her Great Great Grandson Karter! She kept calling him Kaden.

Speaking of Kaden My siblings and parents and our family went to visit our little man Kaden.  We all stood around and pondered.  I told Rusty after we left how I really felt loved that we were all able to gather and include Kaden in our thoughts on Christmas and that my siblings, parents, husband and son were all there with us! 

Karter was asleep in the car so we left him in there to sleep.

A couple days after Christmas we went to the snow and Karter had a BLAST.  He even went tubing with his dad! :)

Our family picture in the snow....don't look too close...i didn't shower or do my hair! :)

His outfit kept him warm and kept me laughing! SO CUTE

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did!! :)

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  1. I can't believe how big he had got! He is too cute for words! I'm glad to see that you all are doing well and that you had a nice Christmas!

    Take Care,