Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So I am starting to blog!

So I am starting to blog. I figure my mom has a blog so she is one up on me. I want her to update her's like pronto. Pretty soon I am going to have my camera working again so I can upload photos on this thing! I want my mom to show me to have a cute background because I deffinately don't have one or do I know how to get one yet!

So life for me in a nut shell goes a little like this...Rusty and I have been married for a year and a half come January how time flies! We have had our fair share of moving around this past year and a half...First we lived at Rusty's parents waiting for our rental to be ready for us to move in and we moved in and lived there two months when we decided the yipping dog and 1970's appliances were not worth saving an extra penny every month! Then we moved into Jim and Amy Fife's Poolhouse...that was sure fun while it lasted and at last we finally feel on our own in our little apartment in Azul Apartments! We love it! The ward we live in is humungesss!!! We teach the six year olds in our ward primary and they are a crack up! We love the sweet spirit and vibrant personality each of them bring to our class!

Rusty works for Arete Sleep Health as a Regional Clinical Manager. He is one hard worker and is continuing his degree online at the moment in business management. Business facinates him and has ever since he was little! As for me, I work for Dr. Nile M. Davis Orthodontics as the Front Desk Receptionist/Scheduling Coordinator. Work is a little crazy lately with lots of changes but hopefully everything will settle soon!

We are super excited about the holidays! This time of year is my favorite...It helps the whole world calm down a bit and think of what is really important (FAMILY!!) Well, I am off to bed another day over!

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