Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Drum Roll please.....Karter has his new lip!

Our Family Photo before surgery!

He came home after surgery and mostly slept.  Does that not amaze you what surgeons can do in 2 hours???

 Karter doing Acrobatics after his bath!

He loves to sit in this seat and watch Baby Einstien since he can't play with toys.

 Not too shabby for after surgery!

MOM put the camera down and FEEED ME!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Aww he looks adorable! I kinda think I am going to miss his old lip....just a little bit:) It's amazing what doctors can do! Can't wait to snuggle with the little man.....Karter not Rusty HA

  2. Oh handsome boy! Glad everything went well.

  3. He was already adorable... How much cuter can he get?? That is amazing, gotta love doctors.

  4. WOW! It looks great. He was cute before, and he's cute now. I just can't believe how well it looks already?