Monday, March 21, 2011

2 months old

Karter is 2 Month's Old!
Happy Birthday to my little man!
We went to the Dr. today and her are the stats
12 pounds 4 ounces
23.5 inches long
16'' head circumference

Enjoy some pictures of the last couple weeks!

I am going to miss this boy's cleft when they finally do surgery due to the fact that he always looks happy!! He has the best wide open smile EVER (along with his bro Kaden)!!

Grandma Addington had just given me a bath in this picture! Aren't I a cute Duck!?

 My mom's favorite thing is waking up to me wide awake and happy!! :)

My binki is not that easy for me to keep in by myself....infact it just slips right out my cute little cleft.  But the nuk is the easiest for me to keep in the longest.  Those soothies just don't work with my mouth! :)

These are my cousins Scarlet and JoJo.  They are the closest in age to me.

And last but not is a snapshot of one of my latest BLOWOUTS!! gotta love it!

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