Monday, October 7, 2013


We decided we needed a family vacation! Rusty had a short break between his two jobs and so we made a last minute decision to go to California!  We were going to go to Disneyland one day but did not go since we had no extra hands to help out with Keaton.  We still had lots of fun.  Karter's favorite part was probably the hotel.  When we walked into our room he got so excited and wanted to share his excitement about it with Keaton as he started undoing Keaton's pack 'n play and said "Keaton excited??" It was darling!! We laughed about that for almost the whole trip.

Karter had his airplane back pack ("pack pack") on wheels and it went EVERYWHERE the whole trip.  We had to hide it from him if we didn't want it to go with us.  He loved rolling it around like a "big boy."  When we talk to him and ask if he is something like "are you _____?" and he will say "NO I a BIG boy!!"

It was a pretty chill vacation.  We saw Matt and Jillian the first night.  Karter scratched his eye somehow and was pretty upset about it.  Once we went back to the hotel we got him to calm down and fall asleep but he woke up at 1am screaming for 2 hours about his eye....we finally got him to calm down after putting in eye drops and giving him ibuprofen rusty went and got at the grocery store.  He still talks about it and says his eye "feels better." We almost took him to the ER.

We dropped my ring off at the place we got my ring at in California.  We took a trip over when we were engaged to get my ring.  It brought back a lot of special memories and helped us realize how much has happened in the short six years that we have been married. 
The next day we went to the beach! It was so relaxing and nice even though it was a cold overcast day. Karter had fun playing in the sand.  We cleaned up and went to downtown Disney that night and then we went to Farrel's Ice Cream Parlor. The atmosphere was fun but the food was disgusting!

Saturday we went to the City Baglery that has AMAZING Cinnamon Bagel sticks that are to die for. I bought all the ones on the shelf to bring back and freeze....well none of them made it to the freezer!

We headed home Saturday afternoon. Keaton and Karter had fun and were so well behaved on our trip! It was fun to enjoy each other away from our daily duties!!

Enjoy some pictures of our trip:

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