Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday that FUN day!

The house doesn't stay clean for as long as it used to but I am realizing that is ok for now.  Some day I will miss my children being little and playing with them.  I will miss them looking to me as their #1 (or should I say #2 when dad is around) playmate! They are starting to play with each other and it makes a moms heart swell with joy.

Today I saw Karter grab Keaton off the floor just to hold and love him.  This is a bit of a rare occasion as most often he is usually ending up hurting Keaton either on accident or purpose.  It made me almost cry!

Yesterday I was a lone ranger at church.  I couldn't fathom missing church.  I know that amidst my week I rely on the spirit I feel there.  It just doesn't feel right when I miss. I knew this would be a hefty task to go to church on my own.

It took me approximately 2 1/2 hours to get everyone feed, dressed, napped, diaper bag packed, and myself ready. We did it and actually walked in the church building before church officially started. I walked in with my back pack diaper bag and holding Karter on one hip while balancing Keaton's carrier on the other arm!

I set down the diaper bag, carrier and Karter as fast as I could find a seat! I said a silent prayer to help me make it threw! I just wanted to at least take the sacrament and if needed take the boys out for being irreverent. We made it threw.  THEN Karter started to melt down a bit and Keaton was in my arms pulling out my hair.  Sis. Smithson 2 rows behind me grabbed Keaton. Karter was fine about that until he realized he had disappeared. Then he wanted "My Keaton." 

I took Karter out. He calmed down and we came back in. Then as I sat down Keaton was fussy and likely hungry....Church is during lunch and nap time. So I grabbed Keaton and packed my things and took both boys to the mothers lounge.

Karter was running around the mothers lounge and being so wild! I just had to laugh! I took Karter to nursery. Then it was time to ventor into Sunday School. We lasted in there for a couple minutes until Keaton was hungry since he didn't finish eating with Karter being wild and distracting him.

We made it into relief society and Keaton needed to go to sleep....I got him to sleep and there was only 15 min. of the meeting left.

What I got from the last 15 min was amazing. Our bishop is inspired. He spoke to us women about revelation and building strong homes. 

We made it (with the help of many others who helped hold Keaton and carry him out to the car after church) Thank you....all of you!! :) Until next time...and dad will be there!!

I have much more empathy for the single mothers of the world. They amaze me with their strength.

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