Monday, October 14, 2013

October so far

Karter favorite thing to do is take a bath and he is a goofball! He would not just smile for the camera!

Karter is growing up so fast! He is saying such cute things that I am trying to remember them all and make sure to write them on the blog. I need to record the way he says them too.
-What's that making noises? (one of our favorites)
-I'n a big boy!

6 months old already!! I can't even believe it....where has the time gone?
17 1/2 head circ-not sure?
scoots around the floor like captn dan
starting sitting up today!! :)
eats 3 meals a day plus milk of course
loves his big brother
loves playing with toys
sucks his thumb

Next to bathtime going to the park is Karter's next favorite.  He LOVES playing outside and now the weather is finally nice enough.

Don't worry I am right here and wouldn't let him fall! He was too cute I had to snap a quick picture.

Joe (our nephew) was baptized this month! Rusty was able to baptism him and they both were pretty excited. They didn't even plan on matching and they did! So handsome.

Karter wanted to get baptized ALL DAY!! He would not stop saying "I wanna get baptized" and we kept telling him you can when you are eight. 

Joe's Step brother Grayson also got baptized. They are very close in age!

We went to the boys flag football game after the baptism and Keaton loved playing with grandma and eating her hat!

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