Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Day at the Cemetary after the Funeral

The little Penguin says " KADEN A. FIFE we love you!" Love Mom and Dad
So...I wanted to go to the cemetary sooner but the week after Kaden's funeral was filled with lots of friends and family getting together. It was very pleasant.
I will be working on a letter to send out. I have many people to thank for their time, support, love, service, and generosity during this time in our families lives. Words aren't enough to express our gratitude. THANK YOU!

Today, I recieved a haircut from Tara. I really do like my haircut. Tara had lost her cap and so she made a whole in a white trash bag for my head and i put my arms threw the sides making wholes. Tara cracks me up and she say's "Man that gives new meaning to WHITE TRASH!!!" I thought she was hillarious. Always good to see her!
After my mom and I recieved Haircuts which by the way you will have to check my mom's out! It is supppper cute! I had my mom come with me to Kaden's Cemetary. I was kind of nervous for some reason I don't know why....Maybe nervous I was going to loose it...seeing where my baby was barried...?! I miss him. I miss him more than I can even comprehend. So when we had got there they had just finished mowing the grass and had gotten rid of his flowers from the funeral that were still there when Rusty visited on Monday. So I said Mom...Kaden needs something to represent that he is here...he just needs we drove over to Albertsons across the street...found something suitable and drove back to put it on
his grave sight.


  1. jacquie, I want you to know i have been reading your blog ever since you posted you were pregnant, i guess im not good at commenting. but i want you to know i think about you alot and how amazing i think you are! I am so sorry i wasnt able to attend kaden's funeral i so wish i could have. I thought about you guys that day though. I cant imagine what you are going through, i myself have bawled my eyes out a couple of times reading your blog and i have never even met Kaden. He is just the sweetest little baby. I admire at how strong you are and this makes having a temple marraige that much sweeter because you will always have him forever! Thank you for sharing Kaden through your blog
    love candice palmer

  2. Candice and Cara Please add me to your blogs. my email is

  3. The first visit was hard for us too! We went alone.. just Blades and I and took her flowers off. It's a special place to be though and each time we go we feel the Spirit.. and the boys are acting more reverant each time we go. We try to have family prayer while we are there. You are still in our thoughts and prayers!

  4. Whay did you waer a garbage beg? To get your hair cut?