Wednesday, December 16, 2009

video of Kaden...

I found a ton of video clips of Kaden I didn't know I had...they are all a little under 1 minute but I will treasure them forever~ Missing him like crazy...he never leaves my mind. I LONG to hold him, feed him, kiss him and pinch his cute cheecks, change his diaper, give him a bath, change his clothes, and much much much more....
This one is for you Kimberly.

Ps. I lost my Black LG verizon phone on this past Saturday night. I thought I left it at Texas Roadhouse but they have no sign of it. So please call me or text me your name so I can program you into my phone again.


  1. Love you guys!! Your in my thoughts and prayers

  2. What a sweet video Jacquie. I miss you all, and my heart is with you in your sadness.

  3. much love to you my cell is 6028198205 and home 5308369900-sorry to hear about your phone. I can understand why you were nervous to go to the cemetary, thats normal. You are the most brave girl I know!