Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Rusty and I visiting Kaden's grave.

Heather-one of Kaden's NICU nurses/my friend also came at the same time we were there.
She brought him the lilies. She is so thoughtful!

Rusty's parents, my sisters, my dad and Rusty.
(my mom was chatting with someone and I took this picture)
It was a happy day yesterday knowing the knowledge we have that because of our Savior's Resurrection we too will be resurrected and have the opportunity to raise our son in the millenium. I am so grateful and blessed to have that knowledge.
In the Improvement Era in June, 1904 Joseph F. Smith made the following statement:
The body will come forth as it is laid to rest, for there is no growth or development in the grave. As it is laid down, so will it rise, and changes to perfection will come by the law of restitution. But the spirit will continue to expand and develop, and the body, after the resurrection will develop to the full stature of man

In Gospel Doctrine Smith also states on p. 453-454:
Joseph Smith declared that the mother who laid downher little child, being deprived of the privilege, the joy, and the satisfaction of bringing it up to manhood or womanhood in this world, would, after the resurrection, have ALL the joy, satisfaction, and pleasure, and even more than it would have been possible to have had in mortality, in seeing her child grow to the full measure of the stature of its spirit...When she does it there, it will be with the certain knowledge that the results will be without failure; whereas here the results are unknown until after we have passed the test.

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