Friday, April 23, 2010


I will be out and about and I see someone

who was apart of Kaden's Life.

Like the UPS man who would deliver his feeding supplies and oxygen canula's


a NICU nurse that took care of him once or twice


a NICU nurse that took care of him ALOT.

It has happened a couple of times.



It makes me miss him.
it's like he is saying HI mom! I love you!
to some

but not to me!
{i LOVE it}

and sometimes...

I make them apart of my life...

like my family, or some of his nurses, or some Dr.'s
and it reminds me of him and
that he really did live

that it is not all just a D.R.E.A.M
like it sometimes feels


  1. You are a friend of my twin sister. I've been reading your blog. I never got to hold the babies I miscarried. I can't even imagine your loss or your pain. I was watching a show on tv one day and a character said "We call a person who has lost their spouse a widow, we call a child who has lost their parents an orphan, and yet there is no words to describe a parent who has lost their child. Perhaps it is too awful a concept to label."

    Love to you in your time of healing.

  2. Just remember that he is YOURS FOREVER. and it wasn't a dream. He existed and we will all continue to remember him. You lived and loved Kaden better than any other person could have. You ARE his beautiful mother. When the world keeps going, we do too--- but the pace seems slower and doing so seems harder. It doesn't seem right, nor fair; but we do it for them because we have a knowledge that allows us to to look forward to...

    one day, hold our baby boys in our arms again, & even having the opportunity to raise them.

    So cool. I can't wait to see Stephen smile. We didn't ever get to see that...

    Love ya,

  3. My thoughts exactly. I am glad someone else can put it in writing so well.