Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August captured by my point and shoot

Any chance Karter gets to get close and love or love too much his little brother he is right there.  It is so special to me how much he shows his brother affection and love.  He gets mad when anyone says Keaton is "my Keaton"  he says no "My Keaton" or "Keaters"

I didn't know kids this little could have best friends but Karter deffinately LOVES his friend Rhet and Tanner- pictured above is Karter and Rhet at BounceU. They LOVE playing there!

This is at BounceU while Karter played Keaton happily kicked his feet! Does that smile melt you as much as it does me! I could just eat him!

Karter's favorite place for Keaton is right on the floor in the middle of the action! Keaton doesn't seem to mind it either. I think Keaton looks more like me and Kaden....but everyone says someone different.

I swear Karter has a diaper on!! LOL. Karter will put his hands on Keaton's head and say he is giving him a blessing. What a good big brother!!

This is actually Keaton even though the bib says Karter! I need to have one made for him. These are my favorite bibs.

I had to stop feeding him in this bouncy chair because all he does is lean forward!

This is what I have been up to lately.  If you aren't apart of my group on facebook you should be! :)

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