Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sleeping Arrangements

Karter has always been a good sleeper. I put him on a good schedule from the very beginning. It was easy to do since he was my only child.  Not my first child of course but my only one to care for. Anyways...he continues to nap once a day.  Sometimes he refuses but I still make him stay in his bed till I can't take the screaming. 

Today I was fed up! Fed up with the mess in Karter's "new" room.  Basically, this was a room that held his toys, clothes, shoes, everything except his crib and him sleeping. Keaton is 5 months old and I wanted the pack 'n play OUT of my room.  It's small and it was in the way.

So today we cleaned Karter's "new" room and de-junked some of the toys that he hardly plays with....might just get rid of them but I am not sure yet. I lost some of my patience...that I am not proud of...but let's be honest it's hard being a mom-I won't lie!

I left the pack 'n play and his "new" cool bed in his "new" room to choose from until he gets use to sleeping in there.  I don't know if this is the best way to do things but he really is my Ginny pig since Kaden bailed outta here! ;)

So Keaton is asleep in Karter's old room and Karter is in his "new" room...but keeps climbing out of the pack 'n play (that's a new trick that started today)

feeling a bit exhausted....although I love them!

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