Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Karter and Keaton update


Yesterday I decided to take his mattress off the box spring and metal frame and put it on the floor.  I figured it might make it less scary for him to sleep in.  We had naptime yesterday which ended up being more like quiet time since he just played in his room quietly. I am just fine with that. Then at bedtime he went to bed like a champ!! 7:30pm and he was out like a light.

At 2am Rusty went to check on him and moved him b/c he looked uncomfortable.  He woke up! OH no! Now what? Rusty thought I'll just bring him into our bed.  He would not stop moving and I am not about to start that as a habit so I told Rusty come with me to put him back in his bed. Stayed in bed like a champ!! SO stinking proud of this cute little boy!

He was so proud and I was so proud we called both grandmas to tell them the exciting news!!

Cute things he is saying right now:

-When he wants something he will come up to me and ask and then say "I asking NICE mommies"  -He calls me mommies and it cracks me up!

Love this boy!!


Now sleeping in the crib!! HAULELUA! It is wonderful. He has been a pretty good sleeper from the beginning. He has learned to sooth himself really well. He sucks his thumb is why.

He is rolling all over! He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks and will pull himself to toys if he wants them. 

I feel like he has grown up so much faster watching Karter.

Yesterday, he kept whining because Karter kept taking away the toys he was playing with. Sharing already?? He is not even six months old! :)

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