Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I went to the Mariposa Gardens
to place new flowers in
Kaden's Vase.

I sat on the ground and cried.
out loud
I didn't care if anyone saw or heard

The flowers I put there are artificial flowers
from the centerpieces
that were at Rusty and I reception.
would have thought I would be placing those flowers
on my son's grave.

We are going out of town again.
I felt the urge and need to go visit and have a little talk with Kaden.
I talk to him out loud.
I don't care if that is wierd.

I wish he were here...
this week has been really strange.
SO exciting...
SoOo Heartwrenching.

These days of last year are like glue in my memory.
They will NEVER be erased


  1. Oh Jacquie! It breaks my heart to hear you in so much pain. I cant even begin to imagine what the loss of a child feels like. I'm so sorry! You do such a great job of expressing the way you feel.

    Hope you and Rusty have fun this weekend! Get ready for a Harry Potter marathon when you get back! xoxo

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your pain that you still feel. I can only imagine. My heart truly breaks for you. However, on happier note I want to congratulate you on your very happy news. I think it is a little gift from your sweet Kaden and from your Father in Heaven. I love you. Thank you for your sweet example.

    Take Care,