Monday, May 10, 2010

Our weekend...

First it started with Friday being my birthday!! I turned a whooping 23 years old.  I feel so much older...but in so many ways act SO much younger.  I can't believe it.  22 was a crazy year.  I always said I wanted to have my first child when I was 22.  Never would have thought I would have had my first and lost my first in the same year. NEVER would have thought that. I am so grateful for my sweet son Kaden.  He taught me so much.  He taught me SO much and continues to teach and guide my life.  I love him dearly and to say I miss him it just seems so tright.

The Gila Valley Arizona LDS Temple
On our way to my cousin's baptism our family attended
the temple open house
{before it is dedicated a house of the Lord anyone is able to enter}

Mother's Day-2010

Last year I was on bedrest praying my sweet little boy to make it here safe and sound.
The Lord had something else in store.
This mother's day was very bitter sweet.
Once a mother-Always a mother.
to not really be needed temporly is heartbreaking.

I was fortunate to attend my mother's ward on sunday.
I was also fortunate to be friends of the sweet man speaking.
I think he knew I would be attending...but maybe not?
He spoke beautifully of wonderful mothers in the scriptures and then he made mention
of the mother's whose children had been called Home to our Heavenly Home.
Instanely I lost my breath.
All choked up trying to HOLD back the tears.
He spoke beautifully of how we too are mother's who are choosen.

To be acknowledge as a mother was not only thoughtful but brought me much peace.
THANK will never know how grateful I am to not only be acknowledged but thought about.
I loved this quote he said:
"God gave us memories, that we might have June Roses in the December of our lives."

Thank you Kaden for choosing me as your mother.
I am blessed to have you as my son.

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  1. What a busy weekend. Happy Birthday, 23 is a fun year. Happy Mother's Day, too. My thoughts were with you that day. You are a wonderful mother.