Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grateful people are remembering him..........

Today I was completely in tears overwhelmed with GRATITUDE that people are remembering Kaden and doing good for him.


I would like to encourage all my readers to DONATE to Smile Train in honor of Kaden
On June 5th is his 1st birthday.
Let's make June a big month!!!
you can purchase from Megan's website and 10% will go to Smile Train!!

{recieved via facebook}
Megan (a NICU mom/Friend) May 29 at 10:43am

Spitz and Splatterz is Back!!

First I read your blog and huge congrats. I am so excited for you and Rusty!
Second, I am working hard this weekend to get my website up and running...I am attaching the first post to this message. I wanted you to read it (the part about smile train) and make sure you are ok with it...and be honest!! Also, is it ok if I use a picture of Kaden? Do you have one you want me to attach? If not, I understand! I am hoping to launch via email and facebook this week (Mon or Tues) so I am hoping we can raise lots of money for Smile Train!!
Here is the blog post:

Lots of new things to point out:
1. We still have lots of great burp cloth packages in two pack and three pack options.

2. Lots of new items - including fabulous fabric flowers!! Fabric flowers can be used as hairbows for little kids and big kids (adults). A great option for glamming up a plain tshirt and jeans or adding some color to a plain colored work outfit (like scrubs). You pick the flower and then let me know if you want a pin, alligator slip, or french barrette on the back.....

3. Can we say HAIRBOWS....super cute hairbows that can be added to headbands for little ones, or clipped in for big kids....just let me know if you want me to add a gripper to the clip (great for fine hair).

Each month Spitz and Splatterz will donate 10 percent of ALL sales to a children's charity. The birth of my preemie and subsequent 5 month NICU stay made me realize that I needed to do something to help babies and their parents.
I am so excited to donate to our first charity. 10 percent of all sales in June will be donated to Smile Train in honor of Kaden Fife. On June 5th we will donate 20 percent of all sales to Smile Train to celebrate Angel Kaden's birthday.
How do I begin to do justice to such an amazing little man and his incredible family. I can't but I am going to try. Kaden was in the NICU with my daughter and he was the most amazing little miracle boy. Born at 24 weeks he faced so many struggles and he fought and fought to go home with his mom and dad. Sadly after going home he faced a big setback and went on to a better place.
This month all donations will be to honor not only him but his family. Kaden's mom is amazing. She is a fighter too....she fights to make sure all her son's memories are kept here in our world and she shows the world through her blog that people can face the unimaginable with grace.
To learn more about Kaden and Smile Train check out the below blog:

Thank you for taking the time to check out our Spitz and Splatterz blog!

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  1. Ohh Jacquie & Rusty how I adore both of you and Kaden as well. I am looking forward to your second child!