Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A quote I like...

something we all,
at one time or another,
take for granted.
We all strive to lead a happy successful life,
but how is that done?
One of the easiest ways is to maintain a POSITIVE attitude,
to CHERISH the simple things in life.
There is a saying that for us summarizes this well,
"What I do TODAY is important, because I am EXCHANGING a day (a whole day) of my life for it." Reflect on those words and keep your attitude positive-find the good in every situation.

I got this from my manager in our staff meeting.  It is really incredible isn't it!? 

Mandy-a women I got to know on my lake powell trip inspired me when she said this...

You wake up every morning
with a certain amount of energy.
what you do with that energy is your choice.
Every time you get mad
you are using up that alloted energy.
Every time you choose to be happy
you use up some energy.

How do you want to spend your energy!?

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