Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kaden Smiles

In honor of our son Kaden we would like to make more people aware of the many children who have cleft lips/palettes and are not able to afford the surgery.
There is already a foundation called SmileTrain.
This charity's moto: "Changing the world one smile at a time."
I will be starting a blog with more information soon.
Keep in tune! I added another blog to my profile-www.kadensmiles.blogspot.com
I will be updating and changing it. To raise money for smile train you can donate to them and just leave a comment saying you donated or you will soon be able to purchase handmade crafts from me (or those of you willing to donate them) to directly benefit this foundation.
Kaden's Cleft was found when I was 16 wks pregnant. It became a part of what I loved about him. Quite honestly I was going to miss that about him when he would have eventually had his surgery. He is perfect now. No surgery needed. We would like to help you and us donate to smile train in honor of him. Thank you for all your love and help!


  1. Hi Jacquie and Rusty! I LOVE the idea of honoring Kaden through helping others repair their clefts. I also loved his little cleft lip. It made him even more endearing. I think of you two often and continue to pray for your comfort. Little Kaden left footprints on my heart forever. . .

  2. Great idea. And you could really make a difference. I plan on supporting you!

  3. Jaquie-
    I have some crafts I would love to donate (for you to sell) to help you raise money in Kaden's honor. Just email me at mkkessen2003@yahoo.com and let me know how to get them to you.
    Megan Smith