Friday, February 26, 2010

A Testimony CONFIRMED....

I have always considered myself a somewhat generous person. I try to be generous with my time, tithes and offerings, with my money etc...
I was married to Rusty and recently have I realized the
testimony I had of being a generous person
has been CONFIRMED.
I by NO MEANS am saying I am this amazing generous person!
But as I try to be more generous with all my means...
I realize the blessings and spirit that can be brought in my life.
I am so grateful to have a husband with the amount of FAITH and CONFIDENCE
in our Heavenly Father. He truely amazes me!
I am grateful to Kaden to also help me to take a step back...and ponder on Gospel Principles more. His life and death...has helped me to do so. I am grateful for that.


  1. thanks for sharing Jacquie.... it's amazing how much our angels teach us. What especially amazes me is how such devestating trials and event in our lives--- can actually trigger a special kind of passion, and love, not only for our families, children, and friends-- but for the gospel. I feel the closest to Stephen when that passion or love that I have for him is poured OUTWARDs--- towards family, friends, strangers.... We can be generous in so many ways. I know that I can do better, allowing myself to feel closer to Heavenly Father, as well as Stephen, himself. & Although we want our babies back, we both know that we have been truly blessed by them and their very short lives... {& in soooooooo many ways}.

    Love you.

  2. Jess,

    Thanks. Your words bring comfort and truth! man I wish we were neighbors!