Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter for Kaden

Here is a Picture of the Basket I put at Kaden's Gravesight. It used to look really cute but I couldn't get a picture of the day I put it there. It was too dark outside. I had decided a Christmas tree was no longer going to cut it as a marker and wanted to get something nice. As you can see the grass is growing in nicely and hardly looks like a newly used spot (nice huh!?)
Easter this year will have a whole new perspective for us this year. A holiday that needs more celebration than candy and the Easterbunny.
Although, the Easterbunny came early this year to visit Kaden (Grandma Sharpy) She never fails to have some candy and she brought some to Kaden which filled Rusty's tummy with yummy goodness.
This Picture is of my dinner last night!! YUMMMM

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