Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This MAN makes me LAUGH...HARD!

This man...who I call my husband/BIG kid...makes me laugh HARDER than anyone! It is his LOVE for life that continues to sustain me...and brings me sooo much JOY!!
Yes...to answer your questions these pictures are some of our fun memories we made at my mom and dad's this weekend. Rusty helped my dad build this Potatoe Gun...and they had LOTS of fun shooting potatoes down the street! The other of him on the couch..Laughing because he was pelting us with EXTRA LARGE marshmellows!
and...on a side note...this morning
(our second day of forming our new habit of going to the gym AT 5:30 AM!! {together} )
Rusty says "hunny do you want me to help you get up!? Ok...here I'll help you" (kindly sits me up and says here are your clothes! "Let's go!" THANK goodness for such a HAPPY MOTIVATOR!!
I LOVE this man! Faults, and ALL!

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  1. Rusty always seems to know how to have fun. Thanks for coming last night! Hey, can I add you to my blog friends list?