Friday, March 12, 2010


Sometimes I forgot all the wonderful memories I have of my son...

it all happened like a FLASH. SOOOO...

I wanted to open this to {ALL} my readers.

{Even if you didn't know Kaden personally}

[even if I don't know you...]

But please...Will you share your favorite(s) memory(ies)with me!!??

I want to remember EVERYTHING!! but I find my brain is not that strong!



  1. At that fancy barn park you and I were pregnant.. It must of been Jo-jo's birthday... All the Fife family was there... You were feeling pregnant and lounging on a chair :)..
    Rusty loves you.. You have a laugh that is all your own...
    walking into Kadens viewing brought back all those emotions of seeing Kyndal in her casket just weeks before... they were about the same size.. all in white.. it was hard to see, but so glad we were able to see him.
    My 5 year old prays for Kaden :)

  2. I have so many... First one of my favorites is when he would spend the night and I would cuddle with him in my bed. The frist time you left him with us we were all a bit scared that he migh pull his feeding tube out or his alarm would go off so we just stood there looking at him and you and Rusty came back a few min. later cause you forgot something and you just laughed at us frozen there starring at him. I remember the time I took him to the drive thru at Sonic and everyone just came and looked at him through the window cause he was so small. I gave him a bath at my house and he screamed and was so mad up till the time his little body hit the water and he just relaxed and was happy. I loved the time in the cccn when you gave him a bathe and he fell asleep in the water. I have so many memories of him and they make me so happy to remember him. There are also times when the memories come flooding back and my heart aches for him and it's unbearable. I love him so much and am honored to be his grandma.

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  4. oh miss Jacquie... I don't have any memories of your sweet Kaden because unfortunately we met after our angels passed away.... but fortunately as well, so that can grieve with one another. I just wanted to tell you how blessed you are to have others' memories to remind you. WE only had 44 days and we kept him mostly to ourselves... because we were at risk of taking him out or letting others in. I just am thankful that you have that. that in itself, is a complete BLESSING! I'm going to have a gift to send off to you when I get back... so hey, email me your address please!!!

    Sometimes I wish the remembering was easier...

    Love Jess.

  5. I remember when you came to dinner with your family, and we were both pregnant.
    I also remember the look on your face at your shower when they wheeled out your stroller, and when you watched the video of him. I could tell you wished he was there to show off to everyone.

  6. Oh were to start with the memories there are so many. I remember the day he was born, walking into your delivery room and the Dr. telling your to relax and not push because we still had to set up for Kaden, he was in such a hurry to get here, Rusty running in the room all dressed for work. Kaden was so much bigger than I was expecting. I know 1lb 14oz seem small to most but he should have been so much smaller. Dr. Waterkotte handing him to you for the first time before we took him to the NICU. Then 33 days later when you finally got to really hold him for the first time. I remember the first time he opened his eyes. The right eye was the first to open and in typical Kaden fashion it was at his 8am cares. His little popeye was staring at me like finally I can see what you're doing to me. That first month was so hard, he was so sick. I remember him looking at me when he was on the jet like do you know that this thing is shaking me and when is it going to stop. Your going to put me on my belly right because if I have to sit here and vibrate I'm only going to behave on my belly. It would never fail that as soon as I had to take care of another baby Kaden would get jealous and his alarms would go off. I tell him Kaden stop that you are fine and he would. Little Turkey. My favorite time of day with him was 8am he was always so awake and just wanted to socialize. When he was finally stable enough I would always hold him from 8-9. He would through such a fit when I put him back that I would have to hold him when I was finished with my other baby and chart with him in his favorite position. I remember the day he went home, feeding him and getting him dressed for you and Rusty to take home. Taking him around the unit to say good bye before you left and him in his car seat flirting with all the nurses. Coming to visit you when he was home and getting to hold him and feed him in his home. I remember the last time I held him. It was the day after he was admitted to PICU. He was so hungry and so mad that he wasn't getting fed. I picked him up and as always he assumed the position and snuggled himself down till he was comfortable. He was frantically sucking on whatever he could hand binky it didn't matter as long as he was sucking. Sorry this is so long but there are so many memories and this isn't even all of them. All the times Kim and I would play with him. So many good time. I loved every moment. Love you